This “creation” is a very first attempt of mine (Robert Soko) to put my finger into musical production back in 2008. Back then I was quite heart-broken and went through something that could be labeled as an “emotional lockdown”.
There was this Slovak guy, Robert Huraj, who wanted us two Roberts to do something together. At that time I was working for Deutsche Welle and used to do interviews and randomly produce audio-recordings for my radio reportages called “Radio Taxi”.

In 2005 I happened to be visiting my mother in Belgrade and stumbled upon this old trumpet player Branko (R.I.P.) who literally “sold” a few songs (trumpet melodies) to me for 30,- € which I recorded with my little MD recorder. Among them I chose this one, which is actually a traditional Hungarian song also being covered by many musicians in Croatia and Serbia and known under the title “Moja Mala Nema Mane” (my girl has no flaws). Mr Huraj came up with some Slovak lyrics (taken from a children song) and we did it.

Simple but powerful, I am absolutely in love with this track. It is taking me back to my young days in Bosnia, it reminds me of my father (R.I.P.) who used to sing it to me on many occasions…and in the meantime it has become a powerful reminder of a certain period of my life where I was very happy and suddenly utterly miserable and desperate.

Now, anno 2021, after spending a year in a certain sort of a “creative lockdown” the song came to me with all its years long collected patina, and it is time to release it to the world. Enjoy!

For many years (before I stopped eating meat), me and my friends used to go to Slovenia, to a farm of Mister Slavko Požar nearby Maribor, buy some roasted lamb and stuff ourselves with meat and rakija . Well, it was the last year I ate meat (2018) and this is when we were recording some scenes for a video clip; me wearing a “traditional Slovenian” farmer rugs and rubber boots…appropriating a demeanor of a local shepherd and pretending to know how to be a good flock-manager…amazing time it was though… Among many other beautiful scenes I am really proud of this one “close up” which is showing my “Maurerdekolleté” (plumer‘s smile). Dig it!
❯ recorded in Maribor (Slovenia) and Berlin (Germany)
❯ courtesy of “Ton 4 You Production”, Graz (Austria)

In the meantime the original composition has gotten a “Traditional” attribute. Nevertheless, someone has to have written it at some point in time and I think this people should be always credited for they work.
❯ composer: Zsigmond Lajos Kertesz (1876 – 1953 ⎜ Miskolc, Hungary)
❯ original song title: Szep A Rózsám (My beautiful Rose)
❯ country of origin: Hungary (Magyarország)


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