Yes, yes, yes, it turned out to be a good shot in the end. I am absolutely in love with this track here.  Yet, when I think back at these days I do cringe. Not only that we were hitting the bottom after 5 long years of collaboration; not knowing how to deal with each other, what to say to each other anymore.
Not only that the COVID crisis was raging outside, thoroughly erasing all of our plans, but also this little shithole underneath the Metro Station which we considered being our studio was completely messed up. Flooded.
The three of us just sat there, with a somewhat reproachful attitude, the atmosphere was some kind of unpleasant air. I would say almost hostile…in short, the shit has hit the fan. Uroš was wiggling his leg, Victoria was rolling her eyes in search for something distractive…and me…I was having my “big boss”, sort of like Bonapartean demeanour, talking to my self about the bygone days and glorious times when a miracle happened, a prodigious yet utterly simple form of inspiration stroke like a lightning bolt:
out of an unpleasant situation, Uroš started whistling, rhythmically…and Victoria said rhetorically I have never sung in French…and me,  I reacted just like any other want-on Napoleon would do.  I just whispered gently: pourquoi pas?
What subsequently happened is more or less a technical kladaradatsch…A  new-old song was born. Culture Recycling par excellence, with a native Slovak girl singing in French and an awkward whistling sensibility skyrocketing it to the top of our expectations. I think Uroš should whistle more often. Definitely.

OK, enough words…listen and enjoy. And click here for MORE!

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