(…) Good news for the fans: BalkanBeats SoundSystem sounds like the Wi-Fi network name of our honorary party master Kees van Hondt, but is perhaps even bigger than that. This party-happy trio from Berlin includes none other than DJ Robert Šoko – who coined the term BalkanBeats back in 1993 for his scene-wide respected compilations and rousing parties long into the night. Anno LL21, together with producer Uroš Petković and singer Victoria Priester, he throws classic East Euro jazz with thick beats into a melting pot in which reggae, ska, rock, pop and surf also bubble up. One hundred percent Keeswaard.
Also Sprach Lowlands Festival PR Management…but …who the heck is Kees van Hondt ?
In any case, thank you for a beautiful announcement, we will try not to disappoint you. What ? We will fuckin‘ rock your belly honey.
SATURDAY 21st AUGUST 2021 | BalkanBeats SoundSystem LIVE @ LOWLANDS FESTIVAL, The Netherlands.

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