100 år av längtan Remixes X4 EP – TIBBLE TRANSSIBIRSKA

Release Date: 17. 05. 2018
Label: BalkanBeats Records


100 år av längtan remixes 4X – (100 years of solitude)

Some of the great Balkan DJ’s and producers from Europe have done remixes on the Swedish Gypsy-Balkan band’s songs. BalkanBeats SoundSystem and Lazarus Soundsystem plus the original recording of this awesome song have been united on this EP.

The Remix ”100 år av längtan” of BalkanBeats SoundSystem has already dropped like a bomb on the big dance floors in Berlin. The other two Versions (Original and Lazarus Soundsystem) are surely awaiting a great discovery worldwide.

press voices & amazing facts:

  • TIBBLE TRANSSIBIRISKA has released two albums with airplay’s world wide. ”One of the most exiting record of the year” – fROOTS 
  • ”The fact that one of 2017´s best albums of Central European Roma music was born in a Swedish village is worthy of celebration.” – fROOTS
  • ”Intensively rhythmic, quick beat changes and a superb musical density; musicians who almost hypnotized the audience with their strong drive and exuberant energy – almost leading to a kind of collectve eastasy” – Opulens Magasin.
  • The band was the winner of the prestigious Dalecarlia Music Awards 2016, in the category Best Folk Music.
  • ”Brilliant” – LIRA