We were following our intuition and started working on a new album.
To be honest, we don‘t really like the word “Album“, this is such an outdated concept – it‘s rather a “decent collection” of our newest songs and a few remixes being produced  in our Berliner studio.

It‘s a long way down: crossing many borders, coming together, collecting ideas, finding right words & beats, hardware, software, nightmare… trying, repeating, rehearsing…paying this, paying that, looking for booking, establishing publishing etc etc…
Nevertheless, we are progressing, hell yeah, at least we think we do… this is quite a tedious and unnerving job but it‘s on its way, definitely…hoping to hop onto something by the spring 2020…stay tuned.


BalkanBeats SoundSystem, a 3 piece hailing from Berlin, combine classic Eastern Euro jazz sounds with modern production to conjure a sound that is sometimes referred to electro swing and / or balkanbeats.

Bringing together Uroš Petković ́s refined production touch, the magnificent voice of Victoria Priester and Robert Šoko‘s DJ dancefloor sensibility, the project aims to create irresistibly danceable songs with a „tinge of Balkan soul“ that are globally infectious.