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Shopify provides large and small merchants with solutions to run their businesses across multiple sales channels, including web and mobile storefronts, social-media storefronts, and physical retail locations. The Shopify platform provides back-office solutions that allow merchants to manage products and inventory, process orders and payments, ship orders, and provide analytics and reporting. Shopify’s main focus is on small and medium businesses, which it charges anywhere between $9 and $299 per month. With rapid growth and demand for e-commerce, it’s not surprising that Shopify isn’t the only game in town. Companies like Demandware, Bigcommerce, and Magento are a few of the providers that offer similar solutions. However, Shopify has proven itself to be the cream of the crop In its most recent quarter, year-over-year total revenue and gross merchandising value grew 93 and 106, respectively. The Shopify platform has processed over $20 billion in sales through 300,000 stores Read more…

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